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I scampered out of the room, putting away the cleaning supplies and heading to the bedroom. Before I gently shut the door, I heard Chris say “Man, I really need to get me one of those.” “Yeah, I never realized it until I met her,” you said, “but it turns out a domestically trained hussy of my very own was exactly what I needed.” The two of you shared another laugh at my expense, and I couldn’t blame either of you. Everything you said was true, and it only turned me on more to hear you discussing my obedient sluttiness with someone else. Eager to please you and demonstrate how truly sorry I was for screwing up and being so forgetful, I climbed into bed without changing a thing. I made sure my nipples were nice and perky for you (not playing with them too much, as I knew excessive groping without you present wasn’t allowed), and kept my panties exactly where you’d left them - wedged tightly against my most sensitive parts. It was all I could do to keep myself from humping the mattress while I waited for you… The thought of it only further confirmed what a dirty little tramp I really was, so turned on I was ready to grind against the furniture. Instead, I waited patiently, listening to the hum of your voices as you and Chris wrapped up your evening, no doubt making more lewd comments about me and my tawdry submissiveness. When you finally came into the room, you found me lying in bed with the covers pulled down to give you a clear view of me. I lay on my stomach, as you’d arranged me before - legs spread, ass propped up on a pillow, waiting for you. “Mmm… look at you. Waiting so patiently.” You sat next to me and caressed my ass, slowly, gently. “And in such a naughty position… almost like you want me to have my way with you. Is that what you want?” you asked. “Only if it’s what you want, Boss.” “Hmm. You look awfully eager to me…” you teased, your caresses traveling down between my legs, making me squirm. “I just want t-to show you… how sorry I am, f-for forgetting…” “Oh? Is that all?” Your fingers pulled my panties aside and grazed my wet pussy, so lightly I could barely feel it, and ached for more. I moaned and arched my back. “Be quiet, naughty girl,” you chastised, and I silenced myself, chewing my lip while you explored my wetness. “Very good,” you commended. But when you gave me a sharp, loud smack on my ass, I lost my self-control and cried out. “Shh…” you scolded. “Chris will hear you.” You spanked me again, and I bit back the cry that threatened to escape my lips. “Yes, Boss. I’m sorry.” “Are you?” You teased. “Hmm, let’s see.” You let loose, spanking me over and over and over again, until I was so distracted by the exquisite pain and trying to keep quiet, I lost count. Pausing your onslaught, you caressed my tender, sensitive flesh. “Chris is still getting ready for bed. Do you think she can hear me spanking you?” “I um…” I let out a small whimper of embarrassment. “Maybe? Probably?” “These are unmistakably spanking sounds,” you said, smacking my ass again. “If she can hear us, what do you suppose she’s thinking?” “Um…” I inhaled sharply as your hand landed two more blows on my naked cheeks. “That I’m very naughty?” I guessed. “Indeed. After coming home, standing around for a chat with your nipples poking through your shirt… then serving us and cleaning in nothing but panties and a t-shirt… letting me tug on your underwear, and spank you right in front of her… I bet she thinks you’re a nughty little slut who’s getting what she deserves.” I wriggled under your touch, a flush creeping up my cheeks. “Yes, Boss. I’m sure you’re right.” ‘Should I stop? Are you too embarrassed?” You taunted me, knowing full well I would never tell you to stop in the midst of punishing me. I shook my head. “No, Boss. You sh-should spank me until you think I’ve learned my lesson.” “Mmm. Spoken like a truly devoted student.” Yanking my panties down to mid-thigh, you made me spread my legs wider, until the fabric was pulled tight again, digging into my tender flesh. laid into me again, smacking my ass, the back of my thighs, and then right between my legs, stopping at the overwhelming wetness you discovered there, now all but dripping down the inside of my thighs. “Oh my. You are very, very wet my naughty girl. You’re making a terrible mess. I don’t think you’re supposed to enjoy your discipline quite so much.” “I know, I’m sorry, Boss… I can’t help it.” You sighed, lightly stroking my pussy, soaked and eager for you. “I know you can’t. My dirty, raunchy girl… So indecent. So wanton.” I moaned and tried to spread my legs wider, but my panties were stretched to the limit, holding me back. I tilted my pelvis up, trying to writhe against your hand. You savored my hunger, barely touching me while I twisted and struggled, yearning for your fingers. “So. Tell me what you’ve learned, you wicked girl.” I gasped and moaned, panting through my words as you continued to torment me. Your fingers stroked, tapped, caressed, and teased me. You focused on my labia, wandering close to my clit but not touching it, never quite giving me the touch I was craving. “I-I’ve learned… ohhh… oh, fuck… oh, god… um, I’ve learned… to um, ohhh… never w-wear leggings in p-public… ohh, yes… um, and to um… mmmm oh god… write th-things down, or ohhhh… put re-reminders in my ph-phohhhhhne oh my god, please…” You chuckled over me, taking your fingers away. “What was that?” you taunted. “Please,” all shame left me. I was desperate, ready to beg for it. “Please what?” “Please, Boss… May I come? Please?” “Mmm… it seems like you’ve learned your lessons for tonight. And I do like hearing you beg.” “I’ll beg as much as you want,” I promised, “I’ll do anything.” I stuck my ass up higher, wiggling it around, searching for your hand. You chuckled again, watching me struggle. “Hmm… If I allow it,” you said, taking your sweet time and driving me crazy with wanting, “then you don’t get to come quietly. I want you to be your usual, slutty self, as loud as you are when we’re alone. You have to let Chris hear you beg, let her hear you come.” I whimpered again, knowing I would agree to your terms. I probably would’ve let you bring Chris into the room to watch you get me off, I wanted it so badly. “Y-yes, Boss,” I conceded. “I’ll do anything you want.” “Of course you will,” you said with a sly grin. “Take off your shirt.” I did as I was told, stripping myself down to just the panties that were taut against my thighs. “Now your panties,” you instructed. “I want you to beg for it naked, on your knees.” I took off my panties, and started to get on all fours, but you corrected me. “Start over there,” you said, pointing to the door. I walked over to our bedroom door and turned to face you. Sitting on the edge of the bed, you drank in the sight of me standing before you, naked and in heat, waiting to obey your every whim. “Get on all fours, and crawl to me,” you commanded. “Slowly.” Completely under your power, I lowered down to my knees, and then onto all fours. I crawled toward you, utterly pliant and willing. I kept my head up, both for you to witness the submission in my eyes, and to give you a clear view of my naked tits. When I reached you, you ordered me to kneel in front of you, my hands on the tops of your thighs. “What is it you want?” you asked. “I want you to fuck me,” I confessed. I want to come, just for you.” “And a little for Chris, too,” you teased, making me blush and lower my gaze. “Yes, Boss. For Chris, too, as you wish.” “I’m going to need to hear how badly you want it,” you said, leaning back with a sigh. “Please, Boss,” I began, “please fuck me… please let me come for you… and f-for your friend… please, I’ll do anything, I promise… Please…” I ran my hands along your legs, pressing my body forward and rubbing my tits against you. Watching me prostrate myself made you grin that wicked grin again. “Anything? What if I want you to make breakfast for me and Chris in the morning, and then serve it to us, completely naked?” “I um…” I bit my lip and squirmed at the thought. You’d taunted me with such talk before, but it had never led to action. After the events of this evening, I was starting to think you might actually make me do these things. “Well?” you asked, losing patience. “I would do it… Boss.” You chuckled and gripped me by my hair, tilting my face toward yours. “I bet you would. And I bet you’d love every minute of it, my perverted little servant.” I moaned into you as you kissed me, long and deep. Your hands found my nipples, and you gripped them between your fingers, hard, twisting, pinching, pulling… I cried out, arching my back and sticking my tits out, loving your torment, wanting more… “That’s it,” you chided me, “let Chris hear what a naughty little slut sounds like, when she gets exactly what she wants.” I moaned and panted, agreeing that yes, yes, yes… this was exactly what I wanted. “So what do you say?” you teased. “Oohhhhh, thank you… thank you, Boss…” Abruptly releasing my nipples, you stood up, looming over me. I stayed on my knees, my breath ragged, waiting for your command. “Get on the bed, on all fours,” you instructed, and I scrambled into position as quickly as I could. You chuckled at me, enjoying my naked subservience. “Someone’s a bit eager,” you mocked, and I lowered my lashes in assent. “Yes, Boss, I know I am…” “Eager for this?” you asked, slipping your hand between my legs. Not gently this time, but firm, expert, making me cry out with delicious relief. “Ohhh, god, yes… ohh, please, yes… that’s what I want, please…” “Tell me what you want. Beg for it, my dirty little slut.” “Please, oh god please my clit… please let me come for you, please, Boss…” As instructed, I was not holding back. There was nothing quiet about my shameless, wanton imploring, and I couldn’t help but imagine Chris in the guest room, listening and laughing at me. But I couldn’t help it, I ached for you to grant me release. “Here?” you asked, stroking my swollen clit. “Oh fuck YES, oh god, yes, please, right there, yes…” My restive little ass writhed back and forth, matching the rhythm of your fingers. I was so worked up from the night of your delicious torments, it didn’t take long. “Oh god, ohh god…” “Tell me,” you demanded. “Oh FUCK, I’m coming! I’m coming! Ohgodyes! Thank you! OH Fuck, I need you inside me,” I cried out, gagging for it. You leaned down and urged me on. “Beg louder, dirty girl.” “Please! Please fuck me, please! I need it, I need to be fucked, I need you, please!” Mercifully, you obliged me, and I bucked against you, riding you until you found the spot that only you could reach, making me come again and again, orgasm after orgasm, in waves of ecstasy… and making sure I announced each one, thanking you for giving me what I wanted, for not only Chris to hear, but probably the whole damn neighborhood… Later that night, as I nestled against you, warm and naked, I smiled to myself. Traveling was always fun, but it was good to be home.

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